The name of the organization shall be USAF Helicopter Pilot Association.


The location of the Associations principal office and mailing address will be determined by the Chairman, Board of Directors. Changes can be made only by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


To perpetuate the history of USAF helicopter operation, it’s pilots, and memories of lost comrades; to provide a central registry for helicopter pilot names and addresses; to arrange reunions for social and recreational benefit of members; and to support the intent of the organization.

ARTICLE IV. MEMBERSHIP Membership in this organization shall be open to all helicopter pilots who served in USAF units. Surviving spouses of former USAF helicopter pilots are eligible for auxiliary membership. Members who attain the age of 85 shall be granted Life memberships upon application to the Board of Directors. Associate membership may be granted to selected individuals who are interested in helicopter activities but are not helicopter pilots. A sponsor member in good standing must nominate them, in writing, to the Board of Directors. The Board shall rule on the nomination by a simple majority vote. Auxiliary and Associate members are non-voting members of the association. ARTICLE V. MEETINGS General membership meetings of this organization shall be held in conjunction with reunions of the Association and be governed by ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER. A notice announcing the time and place of a General Membership Meeting shall be included in the Association Newsletter and mailed to members in good standing. A majority of the Board of Directors and members in good standing present at the General Membership Meeting shall constitute a quorum and be necessary to conduct the business of the organization. ARTICLE VI. BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Chairman of the Board of Directors shall be elected from candidates nominated by the membership. Written nominations may be made to the current Board of Directors thirty days prior to the General Membership Meeting, or nominated orally by current Members at the General Membership Meeting Upon election, the Chairman of the Board of Directors will be responsible for: Selecting the remainder of the Officers to serve on the Board of Directors. The location, dates, and activities for the subsequent reunion of the organization subject to the written or verbal inputs from Members attending the current General Membership Meeting. Area host(s) in the selected location may be used for support and coordination purposes. In the absence of area host(s), the Chairman of the Board of Directors is authorized to contract all or part of the Reunion with a licensed provider. ARTICLE VII. OFFICERS Officers of the Association shall serve a term which expires on December 31st following the Reunion and shall consist of a five person Board of Directors – Chairman, 1st Vice Chairman, 2nd Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers may be re-elected/appointed for subsequent terms. The Chairman shall be the titular head of the organization and, subject to the control of the Board of Directors, shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the organization with authority to delegate such responsibilities as deemed advisable. In the absence of the Chairman, the 1st Vice Chairman shall exercise the office of Chairman to act with rights and responsibilities as if duly elected Chairman. The 2nd Vice Chairman shall act as Chairman during the absence of both the 1st Vice Chairman and Chairman. The Secretary shall keep the minutes and file such records as are kept or delivered into his possession. The Secretary will also attend to regular correspondence of the organization and will execute duties incident to the Office of Secretary. Copies of all minutes and financial statements will be duplicated and mailed to all the members of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of all monies and securities belonging to the organization; shall be responsible for the payment of routine bills and such expenditures as authorized by the Board of Directors; upon approval bu the Chairman of the Board of Directors, shall transfer funds from existing accounts to the next Treasurer or Reunion Chairman for the reunion startup costs and provide assistance as required; shall render at the General Membership Meeting and at stated periods as the Board of Directors shall determine, a written account of the finances of the organization with such reports affixed to the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings. He shall also exercise all other duties incidental to the Office of Treasurer. ARTICLE VIII. SALARIES AND EXPENDITURES The Treasurer, with the approval of the Board of Directors, may reimburse the Officers for necessary expenses while conducting organizational business. The Board of Directors may hire and fix compensation of any and all employees which they, in their discretion, may determine to be necessary in the conduct of the business of the organization providing that this is in concurrence with the tax status as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. An internal audit of revenue and expenditures will be conducted after each reunion by the incoming Chairman and Treasurer, and said audit will be completed by December 31st of the reunion year. ARTICLE IX. COMMITTEES Committees of this organization shall be established by the Board of Directors. Committee members shall be appointed by the Chairman for the term of the current Board of Directors, or less if sooner terminated. ARTICLE X. DUES The dues of this organization will be on a calendar basis. Dues may be changed for subsequent year(s) by a majority vote of the Board of Directors and are subject to review by members at each General Membership Meeting. Dues for Auxiliary Members, Associate members, and Life Members of the organization are waived. Members who have not attained 85 years of age and desiring Life Membership, may do so by paying in full all dues required from their current membership expiration date up to and including the year they would become 85 years of age. ARTICLE XI. AMENDMENTS Recommended changes to the Bylaws shall be submitted, in writing, to the Association Rules Committee (normally the Board of Directors) not less than 45 days prior to the scheduled General Membership Meeting. The Rules Committee shall review recommended changes for accuracy, adequacy, and legal sufficiency, prior to presentation for membership vote. Any discrepancies or disagreements between the Rules Committee and Submitter shall be reconciled prior to action by the full membership. ARTICLE XII. DISSOLUTION

Upon determination of a majority of dues paying members to dissolve the USAF Helicopter Pilot Association, all physical and financial assets and records will be transferred to the Air Force Museum, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio.


Robert J. Putlock


Donald R. Damoth


Robert P. Strout